It’s simple.

Finally, a solution that makes it easier to buy and sell full schedule TV advertising. The power and reach of television just got better.

We know TV advertising.
Our team knows firsthand the challenges that exist between buying and selling media so we’ve automated time consuming parts of the sales process and made transparent pricing a reality.


Aiming to maximize the value of local television, we’ve built technology to help broadcasters automate much of the sales process, create order transparency and offer station controlled pricing.


Buying and selling media is time consuming and the manual processes are tedious. Reduce back-and-forth negotiations with smart transactions using data-driven price optimization.


Reduce manual processes with Videa’s order stewardship. Plus, real-time avails and pricing in Mediaocean and Strata in seconds… seriously.

monetize their full schedule of inventory


Media Buyers
access availed
 inventory in seconds


are delivered to the right

audience at the right time.

Protects marketplace integrity

Supports industry transparency

Improves channel efficiency between buyers and sellers

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