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The Viewability Challenge: Ensuring Ad Buys Reach the Right Audience

December 4th, 2015   ||    by Jennifer Goforth Gregory   ||    No Comments

Your advertiser has produced one of the best commercials you have seen in recent years. The messaging is completely on target, the visual imagery is stunning, and it clearly addresses the long-term care insurance needs of the consumer in an appealing manner. As the media buyer, you want to ensure as many people to see the advertisement as possible, resulting in both a high viewability and ROI for your client. So, you use most of your allotted advertising budget to purchase several premium spots during the current number-one-rated program, which happens to be a crime show. You can’t wait to show your client the high viewability numbers. But then you get the results and are perplexed by a low rating.

Why Views Are Important

Placing an ad in front of the highest number of people doesn’t always guarantee a high rating. The target audience needs to be tuned in and engaged during the program for a premium ad spot to be effective. What if they aren’t?

Most people typically stay tuned into commercial spots that are either relevant to their current life situation or provide solutions to one of their problems. If most of the crime-show viewers in the above example were in the 18–35 demographic, few probably felt the need of long-term care insurance relevant. A lack of relevancy or engagement may have caused some viewers to change the channel, contributing to the ad’s low viewability numbers.

Additionally, some of the viewers noted in the original rating numbers were likely to be distracted by other forms of media. For example, some may have checked their e-mail via their smartphone or tablet, thus taking their eyes and attention away from the television screen. While ratings are important, the actual number of targeted consumers who are ready to buy the product is even more important. Advertisers need true viewability, not just a high rating. If a commercial is of interest to viewers and talks about a subject important to them, they’ll be more likely to leave their other media devices on the couch.

Using Programmatic Television Buying to Increase the ‘Right’ Views

Many advertisers are solving this challenge by turning to programmatic television buying. With programmatic buying, they can create targeted customer profiles based on specific demographic information. Data points can include age, geographic location, hobbies, income, and purchase history. The automated capabilities of programmatic ad buying allows advertisers and media buyers to mine through information from a variety of data sources, including third-party databases and social media. Advertisers can better identify which programs will result in a higher concentration of those viewers who are more likely to benefit from their products or services.

By purchasing a number of highly targeted ad spots instead of just focusing on the expensive premium, advertisers can increase both a product’s viewability and the percentage of viewers who become new customers.

Interested in overcoming the viewability challenge? Boost your ROI by starting here.


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