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Consumers benefit from the adoption of programmatic TV because more relevant ads are reaching them.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising for Consumers

February 19th, 2016   ||    by Callie Wheeler   ||    No Comments

The benefits of programmatic advertising for advertisers and station groups are frequently discussed, but what about the target of programmatically bought ads? Do consumers gain anything from the adoption of programmatic TV? Judging by the results from audience segmentation and targeting, more creativity in messaging, and consistent cross-channel efforts, individual consumers are receiving experiences that closely match their specific needs.

Audience Segmentation and Targeting

One of the advantages derived from programmatic buying is the ability to purchase ads for segmented audiences. What this means for consumers is relevant, specific ads, so advertisements of no interest or use will be a thing of the past as consumers’ locations, interests, incomes, and more are factored into the ads they see.

As the relevance of ads increases, so does their helpfulness and interest to consumers. Adobe found that nearly three in four respondents liked relevant ads, whereas one in four respondents said their top frustration was irrelevant content.

Consumers Respond to Creativity

While more creativity is talked about as a benefit of programmatic buying for advertisers, it is also a benefit for consumers. The freedom—and, on the other side of the coin, the challenge—that programmatic TV offers to advertisers comes in the form of more opportunity for innovation in their ad offerings. The chance to get creative is there, but marketers must work even harder to get the attention of their audience in a field of unique ad spots.

For instance, consumers don’t tend to skip ads during the Super Bowl and certain ads are played over and over again online because the event promotes high-quality ads and consumers can spot quality work easily. As advertisers are able to create new, exciting ads through programmatic buying, consumers should see better-quality ads that engage and entertain them more evenly.

Consistent Cross-Channel Marketing Efforts

As brands connect the dots through audience segmentation, consumers should start to see consistent advertising across different devices. The advantage here for consumers is responsive, personalized advertising. As they research products online, click on a mobile ad, and watch a TV spot about an upcoming sale, they should have more information at their fingertips and greater control over their own conversion. Meanwhile, brands may offer discounts, time-sensitive sales, and other incentives as they aim to lead specific consumers down the marketing funnel.

Ultimately, the benefits of programmatic advertising provide more opportunities for every party involved in the process, including the end audience. As audience targeting and segmentation matures, consumers will see personalized ad experiences with exciting, innovative content and have greater control over their own customer journey. When consumers are engaged, informed, and impressed, everyone benefits.

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