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Black Friday Advertising and Local TV Ad Buys

Black Friday Advertising: How Local TV Spots Can Jump-Start Your Holiday Season

November 10th, 2016   ||    by Melanie Brown   ||    No Comments

Black Friday sales have become so ingrained in American culture that the term no longer needs explanation. All over the country, shoppers line up outside big department stores to be the first to nab trendy holiday gifts at drastically reduced prices. In recent years, the one-day sales have crept out from the Friday after Thanksgiving to start the week before and end around Christmas.

The shift in businesses’ treatments and views of Black Friday sales has brought about a necessary shift in the way advertisers and media buyers look at Black Friday advertising. It’s no longer a matter of announcing sales in a run-up to a single day, but rather attracting shoppers to a period of multifaceted sales. Now that the number of stores and businesses participating in Black Friday is higher than ever, advertising becomes more about differentiation than about the novelty of slashing prices.

Go Local for Recognition

For the media buyer, both national and local, this creates a unique situation. There’s no typical Black Friday shopper—nearly everyone participates in Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, or any of the “doorbuster deals” that make their appearances in the days before Thanksgiving. Additionally, with every business running the same kinds of deals, the risk of one advertisement being exactly the same as the next is pretty high.

A “one-size-fits-all” approach isn’t going to cut it, so what’s a TV buyer to do? Go local.

National brands and big advertisers are the first to pick up national TV spots, but they also benefit from focusing on local advertising for malls and retail locations in different markets. Buying local offers a multitude of positive points that all translate to the Black Friday advertising push as well. Businesses small and large can benefit from buying local TV spots around the holidays.

More Bang for Your Buck

While television carries an air of extreme cost, buying advertising on local cable or broadcast networks is more cost-effective—and cheaper—than most smaller advertisers think. With people and brands self-publishing videos on the internet and YouTube at a higher rate than ever, production cost is decreasing while quality is increasing. It’s no longer prohibitively expensive to create a TV ad, or buy a TV ad campaign. And television is still the best way to reach an audience on a large scale.

Geo-targeting for Brand Loyalty

Local TV spots are all about reaching an audience based on location and community. By targeting Black Friday advertising toward a certain TV market, advertisers can better draw their viewers to brick-and-mortar stores. Localized deals and promotions can also make audience members feel more connected to those brands and foster brand loyalty to smaller local businesses.

Audience Segmenting for Impact

Buying local TV advertising on different networks can also help a brand reach its target audience more effectively. Stores with specified goods or department stores that want to market many offerings to their niches can utilize local TV spots to reach those audiences.

This strategy comes together by streamlining the ad buying process through programmatic technology. Programmatic platforms bring together the best aspects of local TV advertising while providing advertisers with insights into their target audiences and the ability to optimize TV campaigns for even better results and efficiency.

Combining the impact of local spots with the ability to reach target audiences on less mainstream channels can help savvy Black Friday advertisers stand apart from the pack.

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