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Videa's progammatic television platform helps media planners with ad buying

Media Planners and Programmatic TV: The Perfect Match

November 4th, 2016   ||    by Susan Kuchinskas   ||    No Comments

Programmatic television (PTV) platforms give media planners new tools and resources, including access to inventory from more stations than ever before, as well as their full local schedules. PTV’s model lets planners maintain their existing buying strategies while removing some of what Forrester analyst Jim Nail calls the “transaction friction” of TV buying, as reported by MediaPost.

Also according to Mediapost, the advantages for media planners include:

  • The ability to use the same consumer data for television advertising that they use to buy, analyze, and optimize digital programmatic media
  • Buying schedules weeks or months in advance
  • Buying across market clusters
  • The ability to optimize audiences across schedules
  • Integration with the media-buying workflow and processing systems used by agencies

Programmatic and People

PTV enables media buyers and planners, but it doesn’t replace them. They can get faster access to the information they need while maintaining their relationships with the station groups’ existing sales channels. As Bryan Noguchi, senior vice president and media director at R2C Group, points out in AdExchanger, PTV is not exactly like the programmatic platforms used to buy and sell digital ads. While PTV is not always a real-time bidding platform, it does sometimes allow advertisers to plan and buy full local TV schedules on a forward-reserve basis. Although some PTV platforms operate on open markets, others are private marketplaces that automate some of the media-buying process while providing access to more data.

A Growing Field

A recent programmatic TV campaign illustrates how the technology can be used in compliance with government regulations. MediaPost reported on a recent Glenfiddich ad campaign that utilized addressable and programmatic TV. The campaign ran successfully despite rules about the time of day when certain products can be advertised and what types of ads can appear within children’s programming. In fact, this is a case where PTV is more effective in targeting the right consumers at the right time.

A Data-Driven Future

At the same time that programmatic TV platforms are rolling out, broadcasters and cable networks are expanding the ability of media planners to take advantage of rich data sources. Dan Aversano, SVP of ad innovation and programmatic solutions for Turner Broadcasting, told AdExchanger Turner is prioritizing advertisers’ abilities to take advantage of a variety of data sets, including viewership, behavioral, attitudinal, psychographic, and emotional data.

Programmatic TV-buying platforms are one of the most efficient ways to leverage the wealth of data sources that will soon be available. And while PTV platforms like Videa are starting with local television, the ultimate goal is to reach audiences across many different media platforms.

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