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Addressable TV advertising

Building Your Addressable TV Campaign: 4 Tips to Get Your Brand Ready

December 7th, 2016   ||    by Melanie Brown   ||    No Comments

For brands with mass-market products and sweeping, broad audiences, television is an obvious choice. Even with the rise of digital advertising, TV’s wide reach and relatively low cost per impression make it effective for large national advertisers.

But what about when TV isn’t the obvious choice? For brands with a niche national audience or a smaller footprint, the answer may be addressable TV.

Direct Audience Connection

Addressable TV works through programmatic technology. Utilizing first and third-party data, TV viewers are segmented into different audiences based on demographics, interests, and shopping or internet browsing habits. The audiences are then served different advertising while watching the same programming, regardless of their location.

Inventory that is available via addressable TV technologies continues to grow as programmatic technology picks up steam. TV advertising industry buzz continues to grow as well, as the potential for this technology is explored.

Building Your Addressable Campaign

If your brand is going to invest in an addressable campaign, there are a few things to consider.

  1. Data. The audience data that’s out there is great, but it can always be better. Consider utilizing your own customer data to create a custom audience segment that will effectively target your market. The more in-depth your information is, the better you can use it in your campaign.
  2. Waste. Television advertising can potentially be wasteful. The nature of it is that not everyone who sees your ad is a worthwhile impression. Addressable is out to change that. In order to better target your addressable campaign to your audience, understand who your audience is not. Get to know the type of person who won’t respond to your campaign, and your targeting will go further.
  3. New Opportunities. Addressable TV is opening up television advertising to new ad buyers. Brands and companies that previously found television too expensive, too broad, or just ineffective can now utilize the available inventory to target their audiences on a smaller scale. And for larger companies with smaller branches of products or services, addressable allows them to effectively advertise on television. The most notable of which may be Allstate’s addressable TV campaign targeting a market for renter’s insurance, notes AdAge.
  4. Measurement. Measurement has long been a hot topic in the TV advertising sphere. The push has historically been towards universal measurement through Nielsen, comScore, Kantar, and the like. However, for addressable campaigns, measurement should be more custom than one-size-fits-all. Consider how you are going to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Now, more than forty million television homes are addressable-capable through cable and satellite providers nationwide. As the industry moves more into programmatic adoption, those numbers will only increase.

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