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Thailand and the Indochina Peninsula at night: Site of further growth in the programmatic marketplace.

The Programmatic Marketplace Goes Global

December 28th, 2016   ||    by Callie Wheeler   ||    No Comments

As technology rapidly advances, the programmatic marketplace is going global. Looking back at 2016, what progress has been made? Looking ahead to 2017, which markets are seeing the most innovation—and how do US options compare?

Rapidly Changing Consumption

This year we saw a 65 percent increase in connected TV viewing (as the The Wall Street Journal notes). Consumers’ viewing habits continue to evolve as fast as they can swipe right. Recent numbers signal nearly 10 percent of all viewing for adults aged 18 to 49 is now tied to connected TVs. With the programmatic marketplace projected to reach nearly $4.5 billion in 2018, according to eMarketer, advertisers are continually looking for ways to connect to viewers with all sorts of viewing habits.

Global Growth

The programmatic marketplace already has a presence in America—where Videa is based—as well as in the UK. Some see the growth in the UK as an opportunity to make advertising accessible—and beneficial to television ad newbies. Now the industry is seeing growth in a new market: Asia.

As detailed in a recent Yahoo Finance article, Asia Media Exchange (AsiaMX) announced a deal with Dentsu Aegis Network that will bring programmatic TV to Thailand, the first Asian country to introduce programmatic TV advertising. AsiaMX’s cofounder says Thailand is a good fit because it’s a vibrant, dynamic market experiencing significant growth. The company began its testing in local markets and, as reported in National Multimedia, believes it can capture a minimum of one percent of total media trading by next year.

The American Programmatic TV Market

Videa’s President, Shereta Williams, recently shared her thoughts on programmatic television in 2017 with The Drum. While global markets are showing ever more interest in programmatic TV, the growth of the American market is already based on years of preparation. Williams projects an increase in the number of scaled television buys on automated platforms, citing past and future testing, along with the maturation of technology, as the basis for this growth.

The American market will also see evolution and improvement of measurement from companies like Nielsen and comScore. We can look forward to spending and behavioral data added to more traditional demographic and TV-viewing stats.

The new year holds promise for the programmatic marketplace across the globe, and America is no exception: As the industry matures, building on existing advancements and experience, it will see further growth.

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