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Target’s In-House Programmatic Platform Hits the Bullseye

January 3rd, 2017   ||    by Melanie Brown   ||    No Comments

Programmatic ad campaigns have officially crossed the line between new technology and expected technology. Similar to social networks, ride-share apps, or smartphones, it’s no longer about whether or not advertisers should use programmatic platforms but about which programmatic platform they’re going to use.

Targeting From Target

Last spring, we reported on big brands like L’Oreal, Allstate, Netflix, and Unilever potentially developing their own in-house programmatic operations. The latest news comes from Target, the consumer goods department store that lately seems like it can do no wrong when it comes to marketing and advertising.

According to recent reports by AdAge and AdExchanger, Target’s in-house programmatic data management platform (DMP) leverages its own consumer data in conjunction with demand side platform (DSP) partners. This data team-up hones in on audience segments within its shopper base for vendors to advertise to. The superstore has partnerships in place with MediaMath and Merkle already, and has just signed another DSP agreement with DBM, according to AdExchanger.

Target Media Network uses first-party data to market products to active shoppers who have “a ring of influence that is important,” according to Target’s SVP of Media and Guest Engagement, Kristi Argyilan. The in-house programmatic platform has already partnered with huge brands like Hershey, Pampers, and Purell, to great success.

Next Steps

Taking advantage of its status as a one-stop-shop for products, Target has also begun to leverage its consumer data to act as a one-stop-shop for marketers as well. In addition to targeting display ads for promotions and coupons via desktop and mobile, their DMP offers the option for brand engagement strategy via the Target website, mobile app features, and social campaigns.

While some brands continue to hesitate, according to Digiday, Target has established itself as one of the front-runners in the quest for in-house programmatic, and it’s taken the right route. By developing its own in-house tech stack but partnering with third parties to actually execute the campaigns, Target can be looked to as a case study for any other brands looking to make the leap into their own programmatic platforms.

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