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Working together over a laptop: How to keep your clients happy

How to Keep Your Clients Happy, Part 1: The Media Buyer’s Guide

February 1st, 2017   ||    by Callie Wheeler

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know how to keep your clients happy. And you should! In today’s fast-paced media landscape, media buyers and planners are under constant pressure to retain clients through it all: trends, changes, and new technology. But with intentional effort, you can keep pace with the industry and prove the value of your relationship to your clients.

Keep Up

First things first—you’re going to have to keep up with those trends and innovations. Sure, some fads may come and go, but others are becoming a vital reality to the media-planning profession. Take the second-screen phenomena: According to Google, 85 percent of adults aged 18-49 use more than one device at a time. On top of that, two-thirds of YouTube users watch the app while watching television at the same time. This recent development can, and should, impact media buys and the information you provide your clients. Understanding demographics’ preferences and habits can allow your clients to pair channels for maximum return on investment (ROI).

Other innovations, like automated buying, are only growing. By being comfortable with changing technologies, you can guide your clients into new opportunities to reach their customers, experiment with creative, and strategically spend their ad budgets.

Get Great at Targeting

Audience segmentation is where it’s at. Media planners who can understand and target their clients’ ideal audiences will find that skill goes a long way in keeping clients happy. AdWeek’s 2016 U.S. Media Agency of the Year, Carat, credits its success to this approach. Carat’s CEO told the publication, “In a world where digital is the dominant economy, the ability to know more about our clients’ most valuable audiences through behavioral data gives us the ability to lean in much further.” Carat, which calls itself “the audience agency,” didn’t lose a single client as it added several big brands to its roster.

Be Transparent

Many marketers have questions about how automated buying and other digital forms of advertising work. They have transparency concerns, and MediaPost acknowledges some may be considering moving pieces of their media buying in-house. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Prioritizing transparency—in price, performance, and process—shows your clients that you value your relationship with them. Take the time to explain how processes work, review performance, and answer questions.

Data is the key to success in future campaigns. Capturing data about your clients’ audiences, past campaign performance, market trends, and more will instill confidence in your ability to make strategic decisions about their budget and reach. Data is only becoming more important, and it’s vital you create value by providing insights.

Media planners and buyers know better than anyone how important their jobs are. Still wondering how to keep your clients happy? Help them understand just what you offer.

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