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How to Keep Your Clients Happy, Part 2: When Media Planners Should Explain Technology (and When You Shouldn’t)

February 8th, 2017   ||    by Callie Wheeler   ||    No Comments

How do you know when to explain technology to your clients? As a media planner, you probably find yourself wearing a variety of hats throughout the day—and you may find one of those hats makes you teacher.

For clients who are more accustomed to a traditional media landscape, new technologies may be confusing, exciting, intimidating, or all of the above. Here are some tips for keeping your clients happy by deciding when to explain technology, how much to explain, and when to hold off.

Know Your Client

Every client is different. Some always want to be ahead of the curve and are open to trying new technologies, while others equate change with uncertainty and failure. Knowing your client’s personality, fears, and preferences will give you insight into how to approach new technologies when working with them.

Customize Your Approach

If you have a client who’s generally excited about innovations and willing to try new things, you’re probably going to find them receptive to learning about new options. If an innovative client is involved and likes to know the details of their buys, you may want to go deeper and explain how something works. Start with the basics and, if they’re interested, go into more detail.

If your client is not very attentive or involved and truly sees media buying as something best handled by a third party, they’re likely not going to be interested in how something like automated buying works, but rather simply if it works. Make sure this client knows they can ask questions, but don’t take time to detail new processes unnecessarily.

Clients who are comfortable with traditional media buying and hesitant about new technologies present more of a challenge. In some cases, it can be helpful to explain technology so they feel better prepared for the change. Other times it might end up overwhelming them. This is where it’s important to know their personality and know—often from experience—whether they’ll appreciate more information or would rather depend on you to simply use your knowledge on their behalf.

Trust Your Client, and Yourself

Your position as a client’s planner or agency is one that depends on trust. Whether your clients are confident and excited about new technologies or nervous and lacking in tech savviness, they nevertheless depend on your expertise.

Be open to questions and willing to take the time to explain technology to your clients. Often you may be able to rely on their questions as a guide to how much you should teach them, but you’ll also find insight in your past exchanges. If you’re honest and helpful, it will go a long way toward inspiring clients’ confidence and trust, even as their media buys are changing.

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