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How to Keep Your Clients Happy, Part 3: Cost Effective TV Buys for a Happy Client

February 15th, 2017   ||    by Callie Wheeler   ||    No Comments

Keeping your clients happy often means keeping their buys cost effective. A client who comes in under budget is a happy client, after all! So how do you provide a strategy that controls costs and still delivers quality media buys? The answer may lie in local television.

Why Stick With Television?

For a buy to be cost effective, it has to be valuable. So what’s the value in a TV buy? Television, as it turns out, is still very much relevant and impactful. Ecommerce brand Stitch Fix will soon air its first television ads, citing a need to move beyond digital advertising in order to reach consumers.

Sucharita Mulpuru, chief retail strategist for ShopTalk, told AdAge that in competitive markets, “traditional approaches are critical to growing word of mouth and awareness.” Separately, American Express Senior Vice President Rich Lehrfeld told AdAge the company would need to run two weeks of digital advertising to see the same lift in sales and awareness it does after one day of television advertising.

Television buys are an effective strategy for all of types of businesses, whether the brands be traditional or online.

Navigating Between National and Local

The prestige implied in a national buy is exciting for media buyers and clients alike. But the prices are often correspondingly high. As a media buyer, your expertise and experience should inform your clients’ strategies: Does it make sense for your clients to spend the extra money on a national campaign or can they benefit from local media buys?

Local buys can be strategically planned as an alternative to national, allowing brands to snag almost the same reach. AdWeek reported that wine company Yellow Tail purchased local slots in 30 markets to get around Anheuser-Busch’s monopoly on Super Bowl advertising. These markets will cover nearly 85 percent of the event’s audience without using national buys.

In the End, Local Can Win

But cost isn’t the only reason local media buys are effective. National brands are increasing their spend in local markets, too, with MediaPost reporting a projected 30 percent increase in spend between 2015 and 2020. Why?

This increase is credited to local media’s depth of data and enhanced targeting capabilities. Your clients can find more information on consumers, media consumption, and performance when investing in local media. This data, in turn, can demonstrate what’s cost effective about television advertising buys and what to change or continue the next time around.

With research, data, and real-world examples, you can provide your clients with a strategy that emphasizes both cost and reach—and those are things that add up to a happy client.

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