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Cross Promotion on TV, Courtesy of Dresses and … Cupcakes?

March 23rd, 2017   ||    by Susan Kuchinskas   ||    No Comments

The popular TLC show DC Cupcakes follows the sweet travails of two pastry chefs as their operation, Georgetown Cupcake, churns out 25,000 cupcakes a day, according to the Discovery Blog.

In one of those surreal multishow mashups, company-owner Katherine Kallinis appeared on Say Yes to the Dress, another TLC production, which features brides-to-be selecting what to wear at the Kleinfeld Bridal boutique. Video clips from the show were distributed on YouTube and shared on Kleinfeld’s website and the show’s Facebook page, potentially bringing DC Cupcakes (and Kleinfeld’s) to a whole new audience.

This kind of cross promotion on TV is just one example of how television can fuel successful brand partnerships.

Even Sweeter Than It Seems

Movie franchises spawn huge arrays of deals that often rely on TV cross promotion to spread the word. Case in point: Finding Dory. Thirteen brands signed on to help promote the animated film, reports Animation Magazine. Taking a cue from the movie’s vibrant animation, Band-Aid Brand, Coppertone, and Kellogg’s chose to create custom-animated commercials promoting themed products, while Bounty also included TV in the advertising mix.

Another cross promotion on TV was a partnership between Cosmopolitan and TV Land. While TV Land may seem to skew older, Cosmo aligned with the original series Younger, a show about a 40-year-old who pretends she’s 26 in order to land a job. MIN says both Cosmo and TV Land promoted the series on television, digital, and in print properties.

The Secret Life of Pets animated movie also leveraged cross promotion on TV and other media. In this case, according to Mad Marketer, Illumination Entertainment, the studio that created the film, produced additional content for brands like McDonalds, PetSmart, General Mills, and Mott’s to extend the movie experience beyond the big screen. Illumination created 21 custom content spots to run on television and digital. Mad Marketer estimates the show’s co-promotions to be worth $40 million.

Such deals are so valuable that Fox Television Group takes their potential into consideration when planning programming. One show in development is Beat Shazam, a game show hosted by Jamie Foxx on which contestants try to best the music identification app. The show is set to premier summer 2017. In a press release from Fox announcing the new show, co-producer Jeff Aploff noted, “Shazam is one of the most beloved apps in the marketplace … It reaches more than 160 million music lovers worldwide, and combined with Jamie Foxx’s amazing talent and worldwide star power, we simply can’t imagine a greater team to create the next big music game show.”

Who’s Your Partner?

A central precept for companies designing these partnerships is that they should have strong customer bases—but without too much overlap—and similar goals. When they do, they can achieve broader market reach, and combining budgets can lead to splashier media buys, says Brainstorm Media.

Research shows that TV ads can drive social engagement as well. As these cross promotions show, television is a valuable component of marketing plans for movies and new TV shows alike. The key is tight integration—exciting custom content that showcases both the show or movie and the attributes of the promoted brand.

A cross promotion on TV can be successful at the local level, too. For example, a local bakery without its own TLC show could partner with a local station group to send the news anchor a “cupcake of the week.” A local bridal shop could invite a production crew from the morning show to visit the shop and discuss fashion trends. While these businesses would get on-air exposure, they would also promise to promote the station’s programming via social media, newsletters, signage in the shop—and perhaps even an ad buy.

For smart broadcasters and savvy businesses, it’s time to partner up!

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