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How Videa Supports Open Standards APIs and the TV Interface Practices (TIP) Initiative

November 22nd, 2017   ||    by Melanie Brown

Local broadcast television is no longer in the dark when it comes to automated buying at scale. Although local TV has long suffered from a lack of standardized interfaces, several providers—including Videa—have stepped up to develop technology to make the buying process more streamlined.

And now, a consortium of local TV broadcasters has announced open standards APIs to fully address the issue.

The Big Four

In early 2017, executives from broadcasting companies Nexstar, Sinclair, and Tribune came together to help facilitate streamlining of the local TV broadcast buying process. With the addition of TEGNA, their consortium now represents the four biggest station affiliate groups.

The consortium just announced the launch of the TV Interface Practices (TIP) initiative, alongside the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB). This initiative is designed to translate the current best practices for automated spot buying into a universal method by which partners can easily buy local TV spots.

Videa’s Role

Videa was among the systems providers to assess the current methods of automated local spot buying, contributing to research that will dictate the new open standards APIs for automated buying.

“Videa is a believer and supporter of the power of local TV and its ability to deliver ROI [return on investment]. We are proud to be part of the TV Interface Practices (TIP) Consortium to promote open standards and an agreed-upon framework of APIs that will help deliver operational efficiencies and transparency,” said Shereta Williams, president of Videa.

“We continue to diligently work with buyers, sellers, stations, and station groups to deliver automated workflow processes that allow advertisers to reach local audiences at scale, while enabling sellers to maximize their inventory and focus on creating value,” she said. “This cross-industry effort to streamline the selling and buying of local spot TV is a win-win for everyone as our industry incorporates more technology-driven solutions and advancements toward advanced TV.”

The Year Ahead

As consumers’ behavioral habits become increasingly omni-channel, it will be important that the industry recognize this shift to better target audiences and create a truly unified brand experience. The move to more open standards will be a recognizable shift in 2018. The TV industry has already begun to embrace this notion – as demonstrated by the creation of TIP – and is making progress in this direction, but much work is still needed.

One area that broadcasters and the industry overall will need to focus on is, change management. Driving change means first accepting and acknowledging there might be better, more effective ways of selling local TV inventory and proactively encouraging and supporting your team in exploring new options.

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