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10 Best TV Ads of 2017: End of the Year Wrap-Up

December 21st, 2017   ||    by Melanie Brown   ||    No Comments

The year is almost over—and after the roller coaster we’ve been on—we’re looking back at the best TV ads of 2017. Although these ads run the gamut from hilarious and thought-provoking to emotional, they all manage to reflect the human condition in 2017.

10. Jose Cuervo – “Last Days”

This lighthearted take on the apocalypse by advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky sees bar patrons dancing into their doom to Elvis Presley’s ballad, “Now or Never.”

9. Apple – “Earth—Shot on iPhone”

The late astronomer Carl Sagan narrates this contemplative spot with a passage from his book, Pale Blue Dot. The video showcases the earth’s natural wonders and urges us to consider the fact that it’s the only home we’ve ever known.

8. Cadillac – “The Carry”

Cadillac’s ad for the Academy Awards made a grab early in 2017 for our heartstrings, encouraging the country to come together with images of people being carried. Whether it’s being carried across the finish line by a loved one, to home plate by opponents, or away from danger by soldiers, Cadillac reminds us we’re better as a team.

7. Coca-Cola – “Pool Boy”

Continuing with its longtime message that Coke is for sharing, the soft-drink company pits family members against each other in a playful competition for the pool boy’s affections. A brother and sister both lust after the hardworking pool boy and battle over who gets to bring him an ice-cold Coke first—only to be thwarted by a third family member.

6. 84 Lumber – “The Journey”

This spot stood out in the pack of thought-provoking ads that peppered this year’s Super Bowl lineup. A touching commentary on immigration, it shows a mother and daughter making their way toward the U.S. and Mexico border.

5. Burger King – “Google Home of the Whopper”

Though this ad only ran once—and was considered to be primarily a PR stunt—Burger King slides into the middle of this list for its brazen Google Home “hack” that got Google Home devices nationwide to start buzzing about the Whopper.

4. Audi – “Daughter”

Audi’s Super Bowl spot this year touted a feminist message from a father who wonders what he’ll tell his daughter about gender equality as she grows up in an unequal world.

3. Samsung – “Ostrich”

This playful ad for Samsung VR sees a flightless bird refuse to accept the impossible and experience flight through a set of virtual reality (VR) goggles.

2. The Atlantic – “Am I Typecast?”

The Atlantic put out this thought-provoking short film starring Michael K. Williams, of The Wire fame, who questions whether he’s been typecast or not and weighs the answers as they come from different versions of himself.

1. The New York Times – “The Truth is Hard to Find”

By pairing narration of true, heartbreaking, and harrowing stories by the photojournalists who captured them with the photos they took, The New York Times released some of the best TV ads of 2017. In the sociopolitical clime of this year, the Times’ campaign stands out as one of the most moving.

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