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CES 2018: Takeaways for the Television Industry

February 20th, 2018   ||    by Callie Wheeler   ||    No Comments

The dust has settled after the CES 2018 consumer electronics trade show, and trend reports abound. The annual show offers more than consumer electronics—even if robot prototypes, smart-home products, and wearable tech dominate the top-10 lists.

This year’s show proved (once again) that television is an important part of the lives of Americans. The show also generated some interesting talking points, which will be helpful for your next client meeting.

TV Advertising Is (Still) Here to Stay

With local advertising spend expected to increase by 5.2 percent this year over last year, media buyers and sellers already know television advertising is an important part of brands’ marketing mix. But a CES 2018 panel, “TV in the Age of Digital,” put that reality front and center, with executives confirming television advertising’s role.

According to Broadcasting & Cable, Brendan Ripp, vice president of sales and partnerships at National Geographic, said TV is “still the 800-pound gorilla,” with broadcasters selling more advertising media in a few hours than a digital outlet does in a year. Ripp noted that when something needs to be sold, brands turn to television to sell it.

Addressability Is Increasing

But CES 2018 news wasn’t limited to confirming what we already know. eMarketer estimated addressable television spend would grow by 78.7 percent to $2.25 billion this year, and the industry took notice. While addressability is still maturing, the technology is now farther along. This year’s show pointed to the possibility of introducing addressable ads to linear or live video.

AdExchanger reported product launches and partnerships that indicate growth in the segment, while technological advances mean the possibility of inserting ads into live video streams—and should provide an increase in live video monetization.

Americans Love New Television Sets

While it may be overlooked, there’s a more basic trend seen every year at CES that indicates the importance of television in viewers’ lives: new TVs. Wired even called CES the “TV conference,” listing off all the innovations debuted to entice buyers this year.

LG shared a prototype television that rolls up for easier storage and transportation (or just for hiding). Other manufacturers showcased a variety of smart-home capabilities, including built-in virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. Samsung is turning televisions into works of art when not in use, and GE is embedding a 27-inch screen into glass range hoods.

Even with all the advanced tech, one of the biggest takeaways was clear. Advertisers can reach consumers across the home—from the den to the kitchen—on the medium that continues to provide solid value and reach: television.

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