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Change Management in an Industry That Thrives on Change

July 13th, 2018   ||    by Rick Howe   ||    No Comments

In a recent LinkedIn Pulse article, I wrote about changing business DNA. Business DNA is that cluster of behavior and experience that dictates much for what corporations do, and more importantly, how successful they are at doing it.

In my 4-plus decades in the cable and television industry, I have endured, managed and instigated quite of bit of corporate change. But rarely, if ever, have I tried to change a company’s business DNA.

Successful change recognizes and adheres to business DNA.  And in our wacky industry, we have a distinct advantage – one that is so obvious that we often look right past it.

The television industry THRIVES on change. In fact, it’s what defines much of what we do. Change IS our business DNA! Very specifically, television programming is always changing. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so. But it’s never the same. More new shows. More new seasons. More new stars, and these days older “reinvented” stars.

It’s exciting. It’s the lifeblood of our industry. It is the core of what we do.

Remember the line from “Bull Durham,” when Ebby Calvin LaLoosh defined baseball:  “A good friend of mine used to say, “This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball.”

Our business is just as simple: we make the shows, people watch the shows, and we make money.

When we have the opportunity (as we do now) to make more shows and better shows, we take it. The major television networks – ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox – are continuing to produce true premium television programming. The “cable” networks are no longer relying on “off network” shows, opting to build their audiences with original shows. Netflix alone is looking to produce 700 new television shows in 2018, literally flooding the Hollywood production community with investments.

When we have the opportunity (as we do now) to give more people more ways to watch our shows, we take it. Every television network, national and cable, is finding innovative ways to reach viewers without the constrictions and limitations of cable and satellite “gatekeepers.”  And those “gatekeepers” themselves are using their core marketing strength to move away from their hard-wired (or satellite-delivered) networks to internet-based “OTT” distribution, even if it requires using a competitor’s broadband platform.

And when we have the opportunity to make more money, we take it.  Ad-supported television networks like CBS have successfully introduced subscription services like CBS All Access. Subscription services like Netflix haven’t yet introduced advertising, but I think that’s inevitable.  And local broadcast television stations are turning to data-enabled automation to sell advertising to more business with greater efficiency and lower sales costs.

That’s where Videa comes into the equation. In the local market advertising business, the industry has been saddled with antiquated technology, time-consuming business processes, and an inability to appeal to major national advertisers.

Videa has changed that with their automated advertising market technology that was recently awarded a patent from the US Patent Office:

The company’s new research confirmed the television industry is ready and willing to adopt efficient and effective new ad selling methods.

I believe that Videa’s automated advertising technology is a logical progression of where every layer and level of the television industry is going. We may be changing the process, but we’re not changing the DNA of who we are and what we do.

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