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Creating Compelling Advertisements: Don’t Lose Sight of the Foundational Elements

August 21st, 2018   ||    by Callie Wheeler   ||    No Comments

Today’s advertiser has a litany of roles: she’s data doyenne, CTR savant, and ad tech advisor. But don’t forget her most important job—creating compelling advertisements. When the industry is focused on data-driven advertising, audience segmentation, and the-next-big-thing in technology, it’s easy to think foundational, obvious things are just that and don’t need our attention.

But brands that invest in creating compelling advertisements are putting first things first, and there’s a reason it’s an effective strategy. It’s time to get back to basics!

Remembering Your Audience

Who watches commercials, anyway? Remembering your audience is an easy way to refocus and return to the basics. There’s a reason the ads are just as much of a draw as the game on Super Bowl Sunday—audiences love to be entertained. And exceptional ads see more attention now than ever, with viewers sharing their favorite ads on social media, rewatching them online, and sending clips to friends and family. So why reserve your creative best for one day out of the year?

The Keys to Creating Compelling Advertisements

Though foundational, good creative isn’t necessarily easy. There’s a reason a viral or award-winning ad is an exception, not the rule, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t lessons to be learned from past winners. Keep in mind these three considerations when creating ads for your brand.

  1. Tie stories into current events or ideas: Audi’s ad for the 2018 R8 Spyder looks like a scene from a movie about the inevitable futuristic utopia, with the ad’s star going from office to home accompanied by “Clara,” his AI assistant (Alexa, anyone?) in a self-driving car. The commercial, featured in Ad Age, plays on the audience’s nostalgia for driving, fear of a future without autonomy, and love of fast cars, all culminating in the triumph of independence.
  2. Bring the drama: Taco Bell announced the return of nacho fries in an ad disguised as a movie trailer, playing up the drama and excitement surrounding the limited time offering. As Nation’s Restaurant News shared, the menu item was a record best seller for the restaurant—why not create a thriller to go along with the popular snack?
  3. Go all in with your audience: Barefoot created a “Slay Team” to deliver a summer jam to its audience, and you can see it on Adweek. Featuring comedian-actress-singers, the brand’s music video doesn’t try to appeal to all people, but instead creates a special ad for its wine spritzer fans.

Make Creativity Core to Your Strategy

Creating compelling advertisements is just as important as targeting the right people, using the right channels, and measuring with the right metrics. What good are all of those strategies if you’re not sending the right message? Spend a few minutes watching your favorite ads and get back to the basics!

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