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TV Advertising Metrics Tell Only Some of the Story: Predicting Ahead of the Numbers

August 15th, 2018   ||    by Callie Wheeler   ||    No Comments

While brands may consider TV advertising metrics the “holy grail” for determining ad spend, what if your brand wants to make decisions proactively? What if you want to beat others to your audience, finding the right way to reach them before your competition does? For those who want to stay ahead of the curve, consider moving past TV advertising metrics by analyzing trends and cultural movements.

Leveraging Social Media to Take Trends’ Temperature

While you may be leveraging social media to reach your audience, are you using it to learn about the trends most relevant to your audience? Instagram and Twitter hashtags provide a nearly endless rabbit hole of related content and hashtags, which lead to more content and more hashtags. You can gauge future popularity and opportunity by mapping the rise in mentions—hashtagged or otherwise, as you can analyze sentiment and mentions in social data through natural language processing.

You can deploy those same hashtags in your television ads, as MarTech Advisor noted, reaching an audience by intentionally tapping into a burgeoning interest.

Corporate Social Responsibility in an Age of Personalization

Another way to identify smart ad spend is by tailoring corporate social responsibility (CSR) advertising to your audience’s values. For example, some advertisers are leveraging world-wide events like the World Cup or the Olympics to create excitement around CSR initiatives and messages. By emphasizing the unifying nature of these global events, brands like Visa and Iceland Air are targeting millennials with relevant messaging, according to MediaPost.

Recent research raises an important point for brands creating CSR advertising and messaging: WARC reported that congruent values create self-identification with the brand, increasing the effectiveness and purchase intent of the viewer.

Investing in Rising Stars and Causes

Another tactic is simple: find your audience’s preferred causes, television shows, or celebrities, then invest in similar, smaller versions. Align your brand with rising stars and take a chance on potential breakout shows; the investment may be small to reach an engaged audience, with the potential to grow as the show or cause itself grows.

Beyond TV Advertising Metrics Lies a World of Possibility

Ultimately, you want to think beyond the metrics and create your own opportunities. How can you reach an engaged, exciting segment of your audience? The metrics only tell a portion of the story; look beyond them to trends, feel-good messages, and rising stars to find space where you can really grow.

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