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The Advantages of TV Advertising for Your 2019 Strategy

January 8th, 2019   ||    by Callie Wheeler

There are advantages of TV advertising—reasons major brands around the world share their products, visions, services, and ideas through television. Sure, you say. You know this. You know TV could figure into your 2019 strategy as you budget, review this year’s metrics, and consider trends. But amid all the digital noise, it can be easy to forget why the stalwart of the advertising industry isn’t just surviving—it’s thriving.

Ditching TV for Digital?

What is new always catches our eye, and new options for advertisers are no different. From the first pop-up ad over 20 years ago to programmatic display ads to promoted posts on Facebook, digital has been the darling of the advertising industry. Some brands are still convinced of its value over traditional media like print, radio, and television. UK fashion brand Next recently announced it is cutting its traditional budget in half, while doubling its digital budget, according to The Drum.

Perhaps this news gives marketers pause. They may be uncertain whether to applaud or doubt the move, considering how modern it seems. Maybe some other brands’ examples can shed light on the issue: Adweek reported this year that when Procter & Gamble cut $200 million from digital—investing it into television, audio, and other channels—the brand estimated it increased reach by 10 percent. Other brands continue to testify to TV’s reach; Sonic Drive-in’s VP of Media told CMO that TV is still the biggest reach vehicle, echoing sentiments shared by Taco Bell’s CMO a year earlier.

TV for the Win

So what exactly are the advantages of TV advertising, and why should you include it in your strategy for 2019? Let’s start with the basics:

  • TV is widely considered the best marketing channel for reach. As Sonic Drive-in, Taco Bell, and other brands will tell you, television commercials are still the best way to get in front of consumers.
  • For brand building and awareness, traditional media like television is best. Nielsen’s inaugural CMO Report found digital best-suited to mid-funnel activities.
  • You can’t go wrong if you’re after emotional connections. Television is the best medium for storytelling and eliciting emotion from consumers—creating strong brand associations and preferences.

Planning for 2019

Only time will tell if Next’s 2019 strategy will prove successful, but other brands’ experiences indicate that you might not want to discount the power of television. We’ve only looked at three of the advantages of TV advertising among myriad others—we’re sure you can find more reasons to include television in your plan.

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