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Advertising Week 2017: Bots, Crowds, and Other Trends

A look at the trends of Advertising Week 2017, from the latest tech to the continuing deluge of data to the challenge of attribution.


Broadcast Television: Another Technology Able to Adapt

What some are calling the end of broadcast television is really an evolution, thanks to data-driven insights and advancements in technology.


How Will Automated TV Spend Grow?

With automated TV spend projected to grow, we take a look at what improvements could help the technology clear its remaining hurdles.


Automated TV Buying Trends: An Interview With Strategist Mitch Oscar

Mitch Oscar, strategist with USIM, shares insights into automated TV buying trends, including workflow management and the strengths of local TV.


Innovation Congress 2017: A Wealth of “Bad” Ideas

Social Fresh’s recent Innovation Congress 2017 offered insights into future trends. We have the most important themes for TV advertisers.