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TV Viewing Audience: Industry Change Is All Good

The TV viewing audience doesn’t differentiate between OTT, VOD, and broadcast, but it’s open to advertising. What can broadcast learn from online?


The Media Planner’s Point of View on Change Management

How is technology impacting TV advertising from a media planner’s point of view? Change is coming and planners must evolve to succeed.


The Media Buyer’s Point of View on Change Management

From a media buyer’s point of view, processes in media buying could be automated to allow the buyer to focus on more strategic tasks.


Broadcast Advertising Terms: A Glossary for an Evolving Industry

The convergence of TV and digital, plus new planning and buying options, have spawned new broadcast advertising terms. Test yourself on these nine.


With ATSC 3.0 on the Way, Interactive Ads Can Inspire Local TV Advertisers

ATSC 3.0 will enable engaging, interactive ads. Get inspired by these early examples, as local stations and advertisers prepare for NextGen TV.