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Hispanic Advertising: Changing and Valuable

Demographic changes require a new approach to Hispanic advertising. How and where can you reach them?


Why TV Security Is Good News for Consumer Privacy

While the digital ad industry still grapples with consumer privacy, the public can count on TV security even with addressable advertising.


The TV Show Reboot: A Good Play for Advertisers?

Audiences love the TV show reboot—at least in theory. Can advertisers count on viewer loyalty?


Partnership Strategy: It’s Time for TV Execs to Define Their Goals

Several recent deals illustrate the importance of a partnership strategy. It’s time for TV execs to figure this out.


Beyond the Tube: How Local TV Stations Are Using Mobile to Reach Millennials

To reach millennials and mobile users, local TV stations can launch new mobile brands or partner with start-ups. Check out Localish and Didja for ideas.