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The Fate of Sweeps Week: Is It Finally Over?

Television stations and the media are still obsessed with Sweeps Week. But, with changes in Nielsen ratings, is it still necessary?


The ATSC 3.0 Emergency Alert: A Boon for Communities and Local TV Stations

The ATSC 3.0 emergency alert will keep communities safer and will be a test bed for new business models.


Next Gen TV: Live Talent Shows to Get Bigger

We look to traditional broadcast shows to figure out how local stations can take advantage of what Next Gen TV has to offer.


TV Viewing Audience: Industry Change Is All Good

The TV viewing audience doesn’t differentiate between OTT, VOD, and broadcast, but it’s open to advertising. What can broadcast learn from online?


The Media Planner’s Point of View on Change Management

How is technology impacting TV advertising from a media planner’s point of view? Change is coming and planners must evolve to succeed.