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Katz’s Court TV Channel Revival Is an Opportunity

All rise: Court TV channel is back in session. The true crime network is being revived by Katz—here’s what this means for advertisers.


TV Audience Targeting 101: What You Need to Know

Audience targeting is no longer just the province of online advertising. Here are some tips for local TV ad buyers and sellers.


Can TV Advertising Regulations Keep Up With the Change?

Regarding TV advertising regulations, is more or less better? And does that matter in today’s current political climate?


Late-Night Show Ratings Reveal Complex Relationship With Politics

Late-night show ratings are not as simple as whether a host is political or not. Here’s why.


Midterm Results and Net Neutrality: Will Congress Rule Over the FCC?

Observers have linked the 2018 midterm results and net neutrality, but how will the Democrat-controlled House actually handle a pro-deregulation FCC?