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Upfronts 2018: Fewer Options Than Ever

As we move into the upfronts 2018 selling season, there are trends afoot that could have major implications for those brands seeking TV inventory.


Local News Advertising Has Little to Fear from OTT

Recent growth in local news advertising spend indicates there’s little to fear from adjacent growth in OTT. Learn more about the value of local.


Political Advertising’s Secret Weapon: “I Approve This Message”

We hear federal candidates say “I approve this message” all the time. But what benefits does the phrase have for local political advertising?


Put Away the Crystal Ball: 2018 Local TV Predictions Are in

Enough time has passed to review a cross-section of local TV predictions for 2018, with a bird’s-eye view and evaluation of which matter most.


Exploring Diversity in Audience Segmentation at the 2018 Multicultural TV Summit

Here are some insights on the rapidly approaching future of audience segmentation from the 2018 Multicultural TV Summit.

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