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Expanding Your Target Market: How Far Should You Go?

When is expanding your target market a good idea? Though audience trends are getting smaller and smaller, sometimes, you just need to go big.


TV Advertising Metrics Tell Only Some of the Story: Predicting Ahead of the Numbers

Deciding where to spend your ad dollars isn’t limited to TV advertising metrics. Try analyzing trends and cultural movements—here’s how.


Sinclair/Tribune and The Future of Broadcast Television

At TVOT San Francisco 2017, I shared a Fireside Chat with Sinclair Broadcast Group President and CEO Chris Ripley.   We discussed Sinclair’s plans to merge with Tribune Broadcasting, a move that would have resulted in an over-the-air broadcast audience potential of about 90 million homes – roughly 73% of US TV Households.   If the number […]


How Local TV Can Build TV Viewer Loyalty With Live Events

National broadcasters and cable stations know the power of live events. Local stations can steal these five ideas to build TV viewer loyalty.


Change Management Cannot Happen Without Change Leadership

John Kotter, writing for Forbes, made an important distinction between “Change Management” and “Change Leadership.” “The terms are not interchangeable,” Kotter writes. “The distinction between the two is actually quite significant. Change management, which is the term most everyone uses, refers to a set of basic tools or structures intended to keep any change effort under […]

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