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The State of TV Data Measurement: Interview with Videa’s Brad Smith at TV Week 2017

We catch up with Brad Smith, senior vice president at Videa, for an exclusive interview about the current and future state of TV data measurement.


Why TV Ad Tech Could Mean Less Ad Time Overall

TV ad tech is ramping up efforts to compete with digital, as is evidenced by Fox’s new commitment to six-second ads. What do TV advertisers need to know?


How Audience Suppression Dials Up Local TV Ad Efficiency

Audience suppression means targeting specific people or homes to not receive specific ads—but how can local TV buyers and sellers take advantage?


Frequency Management: How Advertisers Avoid Groundhog Day

Frequency management helps advertisers ensure commercials aren’t replayed ad nauseam like the dreadful 24 hours in the movie Groundhog Day.


Live TV Stays Up Late—and Advertisers Should Too

Late-night live TV shows balk the trend of cord-cutting because viewers love the immediacy. But ads can be pricey. Learn how best to take advantage.

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