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Cross Promotion on TV, Courtesy of Dresses and … Cupcakes?

Brands are learning how to leverage the power of cross promotion on TV thanks to creative efforts by shows like DC Cupcakes and Say Yes to the Dress.


Will Virtual Reality in Advertising Finally Break Out?

Despite the hype in the tech industry, virtual reality in advertising has yet to fully catch on. But 2017 could be its breakout year.


How Target’s Retail Advertising Hits the Mark

Target is leading the industry in programmatic, but other companies aren’t far behind. We take a look at new technologies in retail advertising.


Live Commercials Work—Sometimes

Live commercials have been a growing trend for advertisers and networks. Snickers’ live Super Bowl spot is one example—but did it work?


SXSW 2017: More Music, Fewer Brands

It turns out brands are dodging big blowouts at this year’s SXSW in Austin in favor of more intimate experiences. What can the rest of us learn?

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