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When Local Television Covers National Issues, Which Ads Work?

Media buyers tasked with evaluating local television ad inventory must take local coverage of national issues into account for the best ad placement.


Why Advertising on Broadcast TV Is Still Powering Your ROI

Despite the warnings of the more digitally minded, advertising on broadcast TV is still going strong, providing solid content and huge audiences.


How Cord-Cutting Is Shaping—Not Ending—Local TV

As cord-cutting and skinny bundles change the way local TV is consumed, local station groups have new opportunities to transform their businesses.


Open-Standard Content Recognition for a More Organized Industry

Content recognition coding silos are hindering advertisers from tracking their content efficiently. Will an open standard come along to save the day?


Dual Income, No Kids: Cracking the LGBTQ Market

A large portion of the LGBTQ market is part of a dual income, no kids household, which makes this population highly valuable for advertisers.

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