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Partnership Strategy: It’s Time for TV Execs to Define Their Goals

Several recent deals illustrate the importance of a partnership strategy. It’s time for TV execs to figure this out.


Beyond the Tube: How Local TV Stations Are Using Mobile to Reach Millennials

To reach millennials and mobile users, local TV stations can launch new mobile brands or partner with start-ups. Check out Localish and Didja for ideas.


Why Passive Entertainment Is a Smart Ad Buy

Passive entertainment, like passively viewing TV ads, can still have an effect on audiences.


Leadership-Hiring Strategies for TV Industry Change Management

As the TV industry changes, so should leadership-hiring strategies. Here’s how to ensure new hires are the right fit.


Adding Comscore Data Helps Make Change Go Down Easier for Videa Customers

Measuring viewing data in smaller local markets has never been easy, even for Nielsen. The ratings behemoth has often struggled to find enough panelists to create the sort of statistically valid data it built its reputation on, and so about a year ago, Nielsen made the decision to include Comcast set top box data in […]

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