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How Quickly Can We Create a Television Spot?

Some time ago, sitting in an agency presentation, I expressed my frustration with an agency’s creative director droning on and on about his “vision” for my product. “Excuse me for interrupting,” I said. “But would you PLEASE get out of your own head and get into MY head!” And that’s how it worked back then, […]


The TV Commercial Production Process Is Evolving: Are You Ready?

Marketers have a lot more to think about during the TV commercial production process these days.


The New TV – A Marketer’s Heaven. Have Marketers Been Misled by the Digital Advertising Industry?

At this year’s NAB Show in Vegas, Bob Hoffman, the author of four Amazon #1 selling books about advertising, gave a talk lamenting the changes in the advertising business. He started the presentation by asking what the results of the digital advertising have been. He stated, “The results have been tens of billions of dollars […]


Customer Loyalty Marketing: What TV Stations Need to Know

Customer loyalty marketing—even more than customer satisfaction—is the key to success for local TV stations. Here are tips for what stations should do.


Summer TV Ratings Are No Reason to Panic

The hard, inescapable truth: summer TV ratings are not so hot. But with the right planning, advertisers can still reach audiences.

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