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How to Keep Your Clients Happy, Part 4: Optimization and Communication

Focusing on optimization, agility, and client communications this year won’t just set you up for success—it’ll keep your clients happy, too.


24-Hour TV Advertising: Finding the Right Place and the Right Time for Your Campaign

The phenomenon of 24-hour TV, by now well known, poses both opportunities and challenges for advertisers looking to reach the right audiences.


How to Keep Your Clients Happy, Part 3: Cost Effective TV Buys for a Happy Client

Keeping your clients happy often means keeping their buys cost effective. It may or may not come as a surprise, but local TV can be a great way to do this.


Marketing Plan Tips: Sometimes It’s Better Not to Advertise

Smart marketing plan tips can help you make the distinction between the right time to advertise and the right time to take a pass.


Why We Need Local News, Especially During the Winter Months

Blizzard boost? Why local news does well during winter storms, even after taking cable and the Internet into account.