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Makegoods, Automated TV, and Getting It Right the First Time Around

Data-driven automated TV buying technology makes for informed buys and better results, lowering the need for makegoods.


Make Good Things Happen with Public Service Announcements and Automated TV

Television is a valued medium for public service announcements due to its reach and effectiveness, but automated TV buying promises to hone its accuracy.


24-Hour TV Advertising: Finding the Right Place and the Right Time for Your Campaign

The phenomenon of 24-hour TV, by now well known, poses both opportunities and challenges for advertisers looking to reach the right audiences.


Sell Side Performance and How Programmatic Can Clarify Your ROI

It’s up to the sell side of advertising to prove ROI on ads. Programmatic TV can help local station groups make their case to demanding clients.


Reach vs. Impressions: What Savvy Media Buyers Should Know

It can be easy to confuse different TV metrics, especially when they go hand in hand. Comparing reach vs. impressions for your TV campaigns.