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Why TV Measurement is Key to Programmatic TV

One of the most vexing issues in media today is TV measurement. Fortunately, programmatic TV is attempting to help make up ground.


From the Next TV Summit: Insights From Videa’s Brad Smith

Brad Smith, SVP, Revenue and Operations, Videa, was one of the panelists featured at the recent Advanced Advertising Next TV Summit.


TV Programming Ideas Inspired by Podcasts and Apps

TV execs have been mining podcasts and apps for programming ideas.


What Live Broadcast Streaming Means for Advertisers

Live broadcast streaming has emerged as a way to counter on-demand viewing, but what does it mean for advertisers?


Cross-Screen Advertising: No Longer One Size Fits All

In the past, much has been said about omnichannel marketing and cross-screen advertising. But now, cross screen no longer means one size fits all.