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Automated Content Recognition (ACR) Part 1: What Is It?

Automated Content Recognition (ACR) reveals whether an ad was on screen for specific viewers, which will help local TV sellers and buyers value ad buys.


What Do Political Ad Regulations Mean for Local Advertisers?

Political ad regulations are getting more attention than usual, thanks to growing concerns over transparency. Here’s where local TV fits into the mix.


The Facebook Split News Feed Promotes the Lasting Value of Local

A Facebook split news feed is one of Facebook’s recent attempts to root out fake news, but there are others. Here’s what they mean for local news.


Thor Hammers Out a TV Attribution Measurement Solution

Ad sales executives from all of the major cable and broadcast TV networks are thundering about “Thor,” a new tv attribution ad measurement plan.


What Transparency in Political Ads Means for Local Broadcasters

The push for transparency in political ads after recent digital scandals could have consequences for advertising budgets leading up to the 2018 elections.