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TVB Forward 2017: In a Drifting Landscape, Local Plunges Ahead

The recent TVB Forward 2017 event discussed the importance of local television and its ability to adapt to an increasingly digitized ecosystem.


The State of TV Data Measurement: Interview with Videa’s Brad Smith at TV Week 2017

We catch up with Brad Smith, senior vice president at Videa, for an exclusive interview about the current and future state of TV data measurement.


Television Week 2017: Linear TV Finds Its Footing in the New Media World

How can linear TV adapt to an increasingly programmatic world? Television Week 2017 yielded some interesting—and useful—insights.


Advertising Week 2017: Bots, Crowds, and Other Trends

A look at the trends of Advertising Week 2017, from the latest tech to the continuing deluge of data to the challenge of attribution.


Will NFL Ratings Continue to Lose Ground?

Will NFL ratings continue to fall in the 2017-2018 season? And whether or not they do, how can TV advertisers position themselves accordingly?