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From the Next TV Summit: Insights From Videa’s Brad Smith

Brad Smith, SVP, Revenue and Operations, Videa, was one of the panelists featured at the recent Advanced Advertising Next TV Summit.


Archie Gianunzio Talks NAB Small Market Television Exchange

The NAB Small Market Television Exchange, held September 15–17, brought together sales players in TV markets 75+ to talk about the state of broadcasting.


BIMA Evolution of TV Recap with Brett Adamczyk

Videa’s VP Brett Adamczyk participated at BIMA Evolution of TV, highlighting the current challenges and future growth of data-driven television.


What Live Broadcast Streaming Means for Advertisers

Live broadcast streaming has emerged as a way to counter on-demand viewing, but what does it mean for advertisers?


Reddit Posts Are Now Fodder for Advertisers: Will Redditors Upvote?

Reddit posts can be a tough environment for brands. Will Redditors upvote UGC advertising on the platform?