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Taking on TV’s Summer Marketing Slump

TV ratings haven’t been great so far this year, and the summer looks uncertain. So how can TV advertisers survive the summer marketing slump?


Google Fiber and Programmatic TV: Round Two

Google is returning to programmatic TV after an unsuccessful attempt at selling inventory from 2008 to 2012. Will it do any better this time around?


2017 Kentucky Derby: Hats Off to Sponsors

The 2017 Kentucky Derby is slated to see a wide range of consumer brands signing on as sponsors, including longtime leading sponsor Yum! brands.


From the Next TV Summit: Insights From Videa’s Brad Smith

Brad Smith, SVP, Revenue and Operations, Videa, was one of the panelists featured at the recent Advanced Advertising Next TV Summit.


Archie Gianunzio Talks NAB Small Market Television Exchange

The NAB Small Market Television Exchange, held September 15–17, brought together sales players in TV markets 75+ to talk about the state of broadcasting.