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Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) Part 1: Definition and Industry Update

What is Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)? We explain how this video ad technology works to address different ads to different viewers.


What the Nielsen Total Audience Report Expansion Means for Local TV

The Nielsen Total Audience Report now includes stats on streaming and digital platforms. How does this help local TV advertisers?


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Some networks are pledging to reduce TV ads by up to 40 percent. What will this mean for advertisers and for ad revenue?


Are TV Commercials During the Upcoming Awards Season Worth the Spend?

Awards season and TV commercials go together like Rodgers and Hammerstein, but this year we are stopping to ask: Are ads worth the spend?


Football Ads: Why Controversy and Falling Ratings Aren’t Keeping Advertisers Away

Despite the NFL’s controversy and falling ratings, advertisers still approach football ads with enthusiasm.