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Cross Promotion on TV, Courtesy of Dresses and … Cupcakes?

Brands are learning how to leverage the power of cross promotion on TV thanks to creative efforts by shows like DC Cupcakes and Say Yes to the Dress.


Live Commercials Work—Sometimes

Live commercials have been a growing trend for advertisers and networks. Snickers’ live Super Bowl spot is one example—but did it work?


Live Musicals Get a Standing Ovation From Broadcasters and Advertisers

Find out why live musicals on networks like NBC are a big draw for broadcasters, advertisers, and viewers alike.


Local Trends: The 2016 Election Shifted Marketing Focus Toward Middle America

Advertisers have taken note of this year’s election and begun revamping strategy to follow local trends that reflect the reality of consumers.


Broadcast on Facebook? The Meeting of TV and Social

A planned platform for content broadcast on Facebook is not meant to take ad revenue away from linear television, but rather to share it.