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How Videa Supports Open Standards APIs and the TV Interface Practices (TIP) Initiative

Open standards APIs are now being developed for automating local TV spot buying, with help from Videa and a consortium of major station affiliate groups.


Ad Transparency: Where Facebook Failed, Linear TV Can Lead

Facebook is attempting to improve its ad transparency, much as is already the case with traditional media. How can linear TV stay ahead of the game?


Google’s New TV Ad Products: Round Three

Google’s newest TV ad products aim to move the company further into the programmatic TV space—but what does this mean for the rest of the TV ad industry?


Emmys 2017: Diversity and Other TV Advertiser Takeaways

This year’s Emmys marked a turning point in television, seeing more diverse winners, a shift in tone, and the large presence of streaming content.


Blockchain in Advertising Mends the Weakest Link: Secure Data Sharing

Blockchain in advertising could be a way to allow for secure sharing of nonpersonal data in a trusted environment, allowing further growth in programmatic.