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Technology Puts a New Spin on Product Placement

Examples of product placement have been around for a while, but technology is expanding opportunities on TV and film as well as into the virtual realm.


Will Virtual Reality in Advertising Finally Break Out?

Despite the hype in the tech industry, virtual reality in advertising has yet to fully catch on. But 2017 could be its breakout year.


Balancing Bias in Broadcast News

Bias in broadcast news has a trickle-down effect on advertising, directing advertisers either to fractured audiences or trusted local networks.


Advertising on Late-Night Shows: Is It Worth It?

Should you be advertising on late-night shows? Streaming video clips might suggest otherwise, but there’s still lots of value (and viewership) to be found.


Solving the TV Data Puzzle With Broadcast

TV data has at times struggled to keep up with an evolving tech industry. But not anymore, thanks to broad data sets and automated TV.