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Managing Change for TV Ad Buyers, Part 3: Liberating Silos and Fostering Cross-Pollination

Managing change in TV-buying organizations often involves liberating workplace silos and using cross-pollination to foster teamwork.


Managing Change for TV Ad Buyers, Part 2: Personal Development and Team Building

Managing change in TV buying organizations requires supporting personal development and team-building programs so employees feel invested in change.


Managing Change for TV Ad Buyers, Part 1: Skills Training

Local TV ad buyers are managing change through training and skills development—because organizational change is driven by technology disruption.


What Is the Future of Pay TV?

Pay TV, or TV programming paid for by the show or the month, is struggling to keep subscribers. What does this mean for TV advertisers?


When Local Television Covers National Issues, Which Ads Work?

Media buyers tasked with evaluating local television ad inventory must take local coverage of national issues into account for the best ad placement.