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The Local TV Daypart in a Changing Technological World

Local TV daypart-buying strategies have served local TV buyers and sellers from the beginning. Where will dayparting go in the digital age?


Thor Hammers Out a TV Attribution Measurement Solution

Ad sales executives from all of the major cable and broadcast TV networks are thundering about “Thor,” a new tv attribution ad measurement plan.


What’s Keeping Addressable Television From the Local Level?

Addressable television is growing, but why isn’t it scaling up faster? And what can local TV sellers do to accommodate the trend?


Why Automated Guaranteed TV Buying Does Not Equal Programmatic

Automated guaranteed TV buying does not equal programmatic. Rather, it’s a certain type of programmatic TV that works well for local advertising.


Keeping Up With Time-Shifted TV at the Local Level

What local TV advertisers should know about time-shifted TV, including cloud DVRs, TiVo, disabled fast forwarding for streaming VOD, and traditional DVRs.