Andrea Moe talks about strong domain expertise on the sales side of the business helping Videa to better market to the specific customers.

Know My Team We’re a lean, 3-person team at Videa but collaborate with a talented group of contractors and vendors to solve for some specific areas: website and creative design, public relations, SEO, video production and blog content creation. I believe what drives the Videa marketing team is a conviction in what we’re doing for […]

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An Automated Supply-Side Platform Ecosystem: The Future of Local TV Advertising

SHERETA WILLIAMS   Despite the rise of digital advertising, local TV remains one of the most powerful mediums for reaching mass audiences. According to BIA/Kelsey, US local television advertising revenue is expected to hit $20.8 billion this year. At the heart of this robust marketplace, is a series of technological advancements revolutionizing the way local […]

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Focus On Broadcasting At NAB This Year As The Show Returns To Its Roots

Alan Wolk, CONTRIBUTOR I cover the future of television, from broadcast to digital to social  Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. In case anyone forgot, NAB stands for “National Association of Broadcasters” and the show that takes place in Las Vegas every April is actually supposed to be geared towards the nation’s broadcasters. I […]

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Automated Selling Coming, But Who Pays?

Broadcasters and agencies agree on the need to automate ad buying and selling, but problems persist, including incompatible automation platforms. The biggest roadblock, however, seems to be figuring out how to pay for it. “It is an unfortunate truth that neither side wants to pay for this,” said Videa’s Shereta Williams. “It is also an unfortunate […]

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Fulfilling The Promise Of Addressable Local TV

by Brett Adamczyk, Op-Ed Contributor How close is the television industry to realizing the dream of addressable TV? As the results of the latest ANA/Forrester State of TV and Online Video Survey suggest, the moment might be just around the corner. With 15% of ANA members now including addressable TV in their plans, and another 35% experimenting with […]

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