Open Standards, Automation and AI – Set to Transform the Future of TV Advertising in 2018

  Shereta Williams, President, Videa talks about how AI will impact TV advertising in 2018  If we were having the conversation three years ago around the ways in which different technologies or practices will affect TV advertising, it’s likely that open standards, automation or artificial intelligence (AI) wouldn’t have been at the forefront of the […]

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Open Standards, Transparency and Automation – Changing the Future for Broadcasters in 2018

December 21, 2017 In 2018, as media platforms continue to proliferate, the world of TV advertising as we know it will change exponentially. An increased push for cross-media execution and open standards adoption from both advertisers and broadcasters, paired with an increased adoption of automated processes among media buyers and sellers, will result in a […]

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An Ad Tech Glimpse Into 2018 For Broadcast TV

DECEMBER 19, 2017 Technology is fueling an evolution for TV, and broadcasters have much to look forward to in the coming years. But, what can consumers expect from broadcast TV in 2018? For Videa President Shereta Williams, the answer can be found within the “clear change” seen during the last few weeks of 2017 that […]

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The Future of TV & Video

A greater move to automated platforms “Programmatic TV advertising is on the rise. According to research by eMarketer, the total spend in programmatic TV advertising in the US is poised to grow from barely USD$640m (£479m) in 2016 to nearly USD$3.8bn (£2.8bn) in 2019. In 2018, advertisers and their agencies will increasingly make the move […]

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TV is an industry that is constantly evolving and entering new territories of technology, some of which were never thought of as being able to connect back to TV or advertising. Shereta Williams, president of Videa, puts forward what she thinks will be the top five trends for the industry going into 2018. Every week […]

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