Videa Releases New Research Signaling the TV Advertising Industry is Ready for Change

Media Agency, TV Station Members and Reps Cite Inefficiencies in the Sales Process as a Top Concern

NEW YORK – Videa, an online marketplace for automated television advertising, released new research from their Change Management survey, providing a number of insightful perspectives from 174 participants, comprised of Media Agency and TV Station Members and Reps, on the state of the TV advertising industry.


Key findings from the study, conducted from September 2017 – March 2018, include:

  • Ad Investment Concerns Are Mounting – More than 80 percent of media agency members are concerned with whether their advertising dollars are being invested appropriately
  • Transparency Is Key- More than 80 percent of participants indicated that pricing transparency is important
  • Change Is Felt Across The Board – 75 percent of participants agreed that the nature of buying and selling local TV inventory has changed over the last several years
  • TV Execs Are Ready For Change – 91 percent of respondents cited they are personally enthusiastic when it comes to trying new technology that is intended to create change in the TV advertising industry, while 84 percent cited their organizations are enthusiastic
  • Automation is Essential – 88 percent of participants agreed that automation is inevitable and 72 percent of those surveyed cited that their organization is at least somewhat likely to implement automation solutions

“These findings validate the magnitude of transformation underway not just at an organizational level, but also in relation to larger, growing advertising demands,” said Shereta Williams, President, Videa. “The shift underway is not unique to the TV industry – it’s applicable to the larger advertising ecosystem as a whole. Advertisers want more relevant and impactful engagements than ever before, and technology provides them that possibility. Platforms like ours are helping them do just that while providing greater transparency and enabling a higher ROI to help advertisers make the most of their overall investments.”

To access the findings from Videa’s Change Management study, please click here.

About Videa

Videa is the leading automated TV marketplace that is pioneering the way full schedule, local television advertising spots are bought and sold. Through its platform, Videa provides buyers with direct access to broadcast station advertising inventory, enabling advertisers, agencies and marketers to purchase media buys – within seconds and up to a year in advance. Videa can work with any traffic system or demand side buying platform, aligning with the unique needs of each TV station’s sales strategy. Owned by Cox Media Group, Videa was founded in January 2014. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information about Videa, visit

Change Management Survey Methodology:

The survey was conducted online and reached 174 participants, comprised of Media Agency and TV Station Members and Reps who answered substantive questions in the survey. The survey was fielded between September 2017 and March 2018. All results are based on a sample and are therefore subject to statistical errors normally associated with sample-based information.

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