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Super Bowl Ad Effectiveness: Is the Spend Worth $5 Million?

With their high price tag, advertisers may wonder about Super Bowl ad effectiveness. We discuss the pros and cons of investing in these ads.


TV Advertising Trends: 2019 Spending Predictions

We synthesize the top researchers’ predictions for 2019 TV advertising trends.


Brand Affiliation in TV Shows: Considerations for Advertisers

Advertisers have come under fire for certain ad planning choices, and brand affiliation in TV shows is something to consider when making those decisions.


Assessing Risks of TV Advertising: Implications of New APB Resources for Ad Buying

Many risks of TV advertising concern the content in which an ad appears. The APB’s new resources are aiming to mitigate those risks.


Are TV Commercials During the Upcoming Awards Season Worth the Spend?

Awards season and TV commercials go together like Rodgers and Hammerstein, but this year we are stopping to ask: Are ads worth the spend?