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What’s Keeping Addressable Television From the Local Level?

Addressable television is growing, but why isn’t it scaling up faster? And what can local TV sellers do to accommodate the trend?


Why Automated Guaranteed TV Buying Does Not Equal Programmatic

Automated guaranteed TV buying does not equal programmatic. Rather, it’s a certain type of programmatic TV that works well for local advertising.


How Will Automated TV Spend Grow?

With automated TV spend projected to grow, we take a look at what improvements could help the technology clear its remaining hurdles.


How B2C and B2B Companies Can Benefit From Automated TV

B2C companies are already taking advantage of the targeting and workflow benefits of automated TV buying—but B2B companies have a lot to gain too.


Open-Standard Content Recognition for a More Organized Industry

Content recognition coding silos are hindering advertisers from tracking their content efficiently. Will an open standard come along to save the day?