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The Local TV Daypart in a Changing Technological World

Local TV daypart-buying strategies have served local TV buyers and sellers from the beginning. Where will dayparting go in the digital age?


Local TV Data Targeting: Technology, Quality, and Scalability

Buyers and sellers have lived without local TV data targeting forever—but this is changing with the arrival of ATSC 3.0. So, what is the blueprint now?


How OTT Fragmentation Is Hampering Ad Buying

As OTT fragmentation spreads, media buyers are trying to keep up. Here’s what to watch out for when it comes to streaming services.


Thor Hammers Out a TV Attribution Measurement Solution

Ad sales executives from all of the major cable and broadcast TV networks are thundering about “Thor,” a new tv attribution ad measurement plan.


CES 2018: Takeaways for the Television Industry

The dust has settled after the CES 2018 consumer electronics trade show, and trend reports abound. What were the biggest takeaways for TV advertising?