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Year-End 2016: How Major Cable Networks’ Contract Negotiations Could Impact the Way TV Channels Are Packaged

The success of AMC’s The Walking Dead is very much alive and well in 2017. Fans of this series may remember a time, however, when it seemed as though a stake would be driven through their hearts, as one of the biggest television providers in the country threatened to pull the plug on all things AMC-branded. In […]


Branded Content Advertising Engages Ad Skippers

Branded content advertising is also known as pull advertising, but not everyone can pull it off.


Reaching Hispanic Voters Across Channels

It’s important for broadcasters and local station groups to inform and encourage Hispanic voters to vote this presidential election.


Digital Political Ads: Blockbuster Year Good News for Programmatic

Digital political ads are expected to make a big jump this year due to the efficacy of targeting.


Verizon Acquisition of Yahoo Gives Telco a Programmatic Trifecta

Verizon acquisition of Yahoo added to prior purchase of AOL will give telco a strong presence in mobile video and advertising.