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Automated TV Buying Trends: An Interview With Strategist Mitch Oscar

Mitch Oscar, strategist with USIM, shares insights into automated TV buying trends, including workflow management and the strengths of local TV.


Managing Change for TV Ad Buyers, Part 4: Opening Communication Channels

Managing change within the buy side TV advertising organization requires open communication channels and developing communication skills.


Managing Change for TV Ad Buyers, Part 1: Skills Training

Local TV ad buyers are managing change through training and skills development—because organizational change is driven by technology disruption.


4 Buy-Side Initiatives to Successfully Navigate Change

Here are four initiatives for TV buy-side organizations looking to better navigation industry changes like partnerships and acquisitions.


Power of #Pepsi: Advertising, Meet Crisis Management

When situations like Pepsi’s recent tone-deaf ad or Fox News’s scandal hits, crisis management becomes key to a brand’s success.