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Adding Comscore Data Helps Make Change Go Down Easier for Videa Customers

Measuring viewing data in smaller local markets has never been easy, even for Nielsen. The ratings behemoth has often struggled to find enough panelists to create the sort of statistically valid data it built its reputation on, and so about a year ago, Nielsen made the decision to include Comcast set top box data in […]


Media Buying After a Programmatic Education

As media buying education expands to incorporate programmatic buying, television will see a new crop of digital media professionals.


What Is Programmatic Buying Doing for Your Bottom Line?

What is programmatic buying doing for agencies’ and broadcasters’ bottom lines? Increased efficiency, data-driven targeting, and greater inventory value.


Shifting Gears: Programmatic TV Buying Is Going Primetime

Programmatic TV buying is gaining popularity and moving toward primetime TV programming.