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Are Change Management Challenges Slowing Local TV Ad Industry Transformation?

Two important reports addressing technology-driven change management challenges were released in 2018. Here are the key findings.


Assessing Risks of TV Advertising: Implications of New APB Resources for Ad Buying

Many risks of TV advertising concern the content in which an ad appears. The APB’s new resources are aiming to mitigate those risks.


To Adopt Programmatic Buying, What Steps Do Local TV Stations Need to Take?

Local TV is falling behind digital due to lack of investment. What steps should local TV stations take now to fully adopt programmatic buying?


Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) Part 1: Definition and Industry Update

What is Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)? We explain how this video ad technology works to address different ads to different viewers.


The Media Planner’s Point of View on Change Management

How is technology impacting TV advertising from a media planner’s point of view? Change is coming and planners must evolve to succeed.