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Tax Reform’s Impact on Media: What Changed?

The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 contains some clear changes to corporate taxes. How about tax reform’s impact on media in particular?


Supply and Demand for TV Ads: Past, Present and Future

Over time, strong demand for TV ads has kept pricing from crashing even as supply has increased again and again. Now, supply and demand are again in flux.


The Local TV Daypart in a Changing Technological World

Local TV daypart-buying strategies have served local TV buyers and sellers from the beginning. Where will dayparting go in the digital age?


When Is the Right Time to Try Automated Buying? How About Now.

  “We’re just not ready yet.” That’s probably the most common response I hear when I talk to local TV ad salespeople about why they’re not upgrading to automated buying and selling. My response is always the same, “I understand that it feels like a big step, but pretty soon you might not have a […]


Less Secret Every Day: ACR and Logistics at the Secret Society Meeting

How do ACR and logistics impact TV advertising? The Secret Society showcased these trends to industry leaders at its latest meeting.