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The Media Planner’s Point of View on Change Management

How is technology impacting TV advertising from a media planner’s point of view? Change is coming and planners must evolve to succeed.


Broadcast Advertising Terms: A Glossary for an Evolving Industry

The convergence of TV and digital, plus new planning and buying options, have spawned new broadcast advertising terms. Test yourself on these nine.


Artificial Intelligence in Local TV: What Role Will It Play and What Will It Look Like?

Buyers and sellers have much in store as the role of artificial intelligence in local TV expands.


New Change Management Study from Videa Reveals Opportunity for Automation

People don’t always like change. Whether it’s a new brand of coffee in the cafeteria or a new technology for their workflow, getting people over that initial hump is not always easy, even when they know that ultimately, that change is going to be for the best. That was the high-level takeaway when I read […]


How Automation Is Bound to Change TV Advertising Metrics

As automated buying and selling come into play, TV advertising metrics are changing.