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Ad Quality: When Digital Glitches Leave Viewers With a Bad Taste

Digital ad channels offer targeting, but they’re also prone to ad quality issues and blocking, which can negate any advantage in audience selection.


Why TV Ad Tech Could Mean Less Ad Time Overall

TV ad tech is ramping up efforts to compete with digital, as is evidenced by Fox’s new commitment to six-second ads. What do TV advertisers need to know?


Frequency Management: How Advertisers Avoid Groundhog Day

Frequency management helps advertisers ensure commercials aren’t replayed ad nauseam like the dreadful 24 hours in the movie Groundhog Day.


How Videa Supports Open Standards APIs and the TV Interface Practices (TIP) Initiative

Open standards APIs are now being developed for automating local TV spot buying, with help from Videa and a consortium of major station affiliate groups.


Change Management Unveiled: Insights From the Recent TVB Webinar

A recap of key insights and strategies for change management in local TV buying and selling from TVB’s recent webinar, sponsored by Videa.