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Hiring Tips for the New Age of Advertising

With all the new technologies and advancements in data-driven advertising, today’s hiring tips for advertisers are changing as well.


Local Broadcast TV Sales Aided by SSPs

SSPs connect stations with buyers and make selling local broadcast TV time more efficient.


NBCU Moves Programmatic Buying A Step Forward

With the recent announcement by NBCUniversal that it will allow software-based purchasing of its ad inventory, programmatic buying garners recognition…


The Inevitable Programmatic Evolution: Clarity through Confusion

Programmatic TV has evolved out of the industry’s pain points, and is quickly emerging as the future of buying and selling television advertising.


Addressable Advertising: A Potential Tool for Driving Programmatic to the Household

It’s important to understand that addressable advertising and programmatic buying, while different, can be linked for optimum audience targeting.