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Small and Medium Enterprises to Take the Reins in Programmatic TV

Find out why small and medium enterprises, with their familiarity with data and potential for ROI, will be the vanguard of programmatic TV advertising.


What the New Television “Network” Means for Buyers

As the FCC relaxes ownership limits, TV station groups are growing. This can be good for local TV buyers as a new kind of television “network” arrives.


When Local Television Covers National Issues, Which Ads Work?

Media buyers tasked with evaluating local television ad inventory must take local coverage of national issues into account for the best ad placement.


How Third-Party Data Strengthens Ad Campaigns

Third-party data is pushing the world of TV measurement over the threshold of immense change, helping local advertisers make the most of their inventory.


With US Audiences, Slow TV Steams Ahead

Slow TV has now become a phenomenon in the U.S. as well as Europe. How can local station groups take advantage of this opportunity?