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Is Automotive Advertising Running Out of Gas?

With Ford’s cut in ad budget, advertisers may be concerned about the TV-automaker relationship. We explore the state of automotive advertising.


TV Viewing Audience: Industry Change Is All Good

The TV viewing audience doesn’t differentiate between OTT, VOD, and broadcast, but it’s open to advertising. What can broadcast learn from online?


Are You Advertising on Kids’ Shows? Maybe You Should Be

Kids influence purchase decisions, so brands should consider advertising on kids’ shows. Here’s how to position your brand to reach this audience.


4 Reasons Linear Is Set for Increased TV Advertising Spend

Experts predict an increased TV advertising spend. Four factors are driving this trend, and the evolution of television advertising will strengthen it.


TV Advertising Metrics Tell Only Some of the Story: Predicting Ahead of the Numbers

Deciding where to spend your ad dollars isn’t limited to TV advertising metrics. Try analyzing trends and cultural movements—here’s how.