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Americans Trust Local News Media Over National Outlets

According to a study released today, Americans trust local news media more than its national counterpart—and they’re getting most of that news from TV.


Upfronts 2017: Safety for the Road Ahead

The 2017 upfronts have come and gone, and a few trends were noticeable throughout many of the networks’ presentations. Here are our key takeaways.


4 Buy-Side Initiatives to Successfully Navigate Change

Here are four initiatives for TV buy-side organizations looking to better navigation industry changes like partnerships and acquisitions.


Balancing Bias in Broadcast News

Bias in broadcast news has a trickle-down effect on advertising, directing advertisers either to fractured audiences or trusted local networks.


The Puzzle of Automated TV: Where Does Data Fit In?

National TV might still lack the data of streaming platforms. But data is only a small piece of the automated TV buying puzzle.