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Streaming Gets Hype—but Linear Broadcast Gets Views

Streaming and cable shows may have prestige, but relatively few watch them. Linear broadcast TV continues to offer advertisers huge audiences and reach.


What Does the Fall TV Lineup Mean for Sellers?

Fall—and with it, fall TV —is finally here. So what does the new lineup look like? And which shows have seen the greatest influx of ad dollars?


Broadcast Television: Another Technology Able to Adapt

What some are calling the end of broadcast television is really an evolution, thanks to data-driven insights and advancements in technology.


Will NFL Ratings Continue to Lose Ground?

Will NFL ratings continue to fall in the 2017-2018 season? And whether or not they do, how can TV advertisers position themselves accordingly?


TV Data vs. Gut Decisions: How Do You Buy?

A study by Borrell Associates shows that while advertisers are taking TV data into account for broadcast buys, gut feelings still factor into the decision.