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5 Reasons to Anchor Omnichannel Campaigns With TV

Even in 2017, TV-centric omnichannel campaigns work best for advertisers in search of the greatest overall lift. Here are five reasons why.


It’s Time to Move From CPP to CPM

The shift from CPP to CPM seems increasingly inevitable with each passing year. So why hasn’t the TV industry caught up?


$0 Woes? An Ad Buying Platform Can Clear Things Up

By streamlining the buying process through an ad buying platform, agencies can get out in front of the $0 ad spot problem—and operate more efficiently.


Taking on TV’s Summer Marketing Slump

TV ratings haven’t been great so far this year, and the summer looks uncertain. So how can TV advertisers survive the summer marketing slump?


When Local Television Covers National Issues, Which Ads Work?

Media buyers tasked with evaluating local television ad inventory must take local coverage of national issues into account for the best ad placement.