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Feel-Good Marketing Makes an Impact

If there were ever a time for feel-good marketing, that time is now. Here’s how brands are creating successful feel-good campaigns.


Advertising to Baby Boomers on Local TV Is as Crucial as Ever

Many marketers focus on reaching millennials, but is advertising to baby boomers a better bet?


Partnership Strategy: It’s Time for TV Execs to Define Their Goals

Several recent deals illustrate the importance of a partnership strategy. It’s time for TV execs to figure this out.


Brand Affiliation in TV Shows: Considerations for Advertisers

Advertisers have come under fire for certain ad planning choices, and brand affiliation in TV shows is something to consider when making those decisions.


Multigenerational Marketing: New Audiences for Old Programs

Long-running TV shows like Jeopardy appeal to everyone—not just grandparents. Learn why a multigenerational marketing approach makes sense for many shows.