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How TV Stations in Smaller Markets Are Using Digital to Win Customers

One of the more interesting things I learned at the NABSMTE event, in Nashville last week, was that in many smaller TV markets, the local broadcast TV ad teams serve as a combination of marketing manager and ad agency for their clients, writing and producing the ads and then designing and building the websites the […]


Will Advertisers Pay Higher Local TV Ad Costs in a Targeted World?

Why we expect advertisers will pay higher local TV ad costs for reaching their “bull’s-eye” target audience, as TV and video buying morph into T/V.


From Awareness to Action: The Change Leadership Challenge

Seeing the need to change rarely results in people, organizations, or even industries taking action unless a crisis forces them to do so. Blockbuster didn’t offer a DVD-by-mail service until Netflix posed a legitimate danger. Kodak held on to its traditional film business even though it invented digital photography technology and could have dominated a […]


Change Management Cannot Happen Without Change Leadership

John Kotter, writing for Forbes, made an important distinction between “Change Management” and “Change Leadership.” “The terms are not interchangeable,” Kotter writes. “The distinction between the two is actually quite significant. Change management, which is the term most everyone uses, refers to a set of basic tools or structures intended to keep any change effort under […]


Change Management in an Industry That Thrives on Change

In a recent LinkedIn Pulse article, I wrote about changing business DNA. Business DNA is that cluster of behavior and experience that dictates much for what corporations do, and more importantly, how successful they are at doing it. In my 4-plus decades in the cable and television industry, I have endured, managed and instigated quite of […]