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Change Management Unveiled: Insights From the Recent TVB Webinar

A recap of key insights and strategies for change management in local TV buying and selling from TVB’s recent webinar, sponsored by Videa.


Broadcast Television: Another Technology Able to Adapt

What some are calling the end of broadcast television is really an evolution, thanks to data-driven insights and advancements in technology.


Managing Change for TV Ad Buyers, Part 4: Opening Communication Channels

Managing change within the buy side TV advertising organization requires open communication channels and developing communication skills.


Managing Change for TV Ad Buyers, Part 3: Liberating Silos and Fostering Cross-Pollination

Managing change in TV-buying organizations often involves liberating workplace silos and using cross-pollination to foster teamwork.


Managing Change for TV Ad Buyers, Part 2: Personal Development and Team Building

Managing change in TV buying organizations requires supporting personal development and team-building programs so employees feel invested in change.