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Managing Change for TV Ad Buyers, Part 2: Personal Development and Team Building

Managing change in TV buying organizations requires supporting personal development and team-building programs so employees feel invested in change.


Managing Change for TV Ad Buyers, Part 1: Skills Training

Local TV ad buyers are managing change through training and skills development—because organizational change is driven by technology disruption.


How Cord-Cutting Is Shaping—Not Ending—Local TV

As cord-cutting and skinny bundles change the way local TV is consumed, local station groups have new opportunities to transform their businesses.


Keeping Up With Time-Shifted TV at the Local Level

What local TV advertisers should know about time-shifted TV, including cloud DVRs, TiVo, disabled fast forwarding for streaming VOD, and traditional DVRs.


4 Sell-Side Strategies to Successfully Manage Change

As TV buying goes automated, sell-side workplaces must adapt. We discuss four strategies to help stations and station groups manage change.