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The Dawn of True Advertising Attribution Measurement?

A recent CIMM white paper showed advertising attribution has come a long way, but remains one of the biggest challenges in cross-platform advertising.


How Third-Party Data Strengthens Ad Campaigns

Third-party data is pushing the world of TV measurement over the threshold of immense change, helping local advertisers make the most of their inventory.


Solving the TV Data Puzzle With Broadcast

TV data has at times struggled to keep up with an evolving tech industry. But not anymore, thanks to broad data sets and automated TV.


The End of National TV and Local TV Measurement Siloes

New developments in the media industry seek to overcome data silos and bring measurement samples from local to national TV.


Measuring TV Viewership in an On-Demand World

TV viewership is tricky to measure in the age of streaming and time-shifted viewing across multiple devices.